1. Meditation:

We regularly practice a relaxing meditation, called the Twin Hearts meditation. This meditation allows you to open your Heart and Crown chakras (hence "Twin hearts"), to receive more energy and to improve the flow of energy or Qi (Ch'i) within the body. Benefits include greater calm, better focus and more physical energy and stamina.
2. Healing:

i) SCANNING the patient's energy field (or aura) and chakras (energy centres) to identify areas requiring attention. Chakras or energy points are also used in traditional Chinese and Indian medicine. They can become congested or depleted in energy.

ii) CLEANING: we use the hands or a crystal, to sweep clean the energy field and the chakras with gentle circular movements without touching the patient.

iii) ENERGISING: we activate the chakras by encouraging energy flow, again, using gentle sweeping of the hands. The healer does NOT use his or her own energy, but works to cleanse and maximise the energy of the patient being treated, so there are some similarities with acupuncture - without the needles!

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